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Greg Garrison is a radio talk show host for station WIBC (1070 AM) in Indianapolis, which airs daily 9am to Noon. Greg got into the broadcast business after the successful prosecution of boxer Mike Tyson in 1992, on rape charges. His notoriety and media presence following that trial led to an invitation to the position of Legal Analyst for CBS News following the O.J. Simpson double homicide trial, and the trial of Oklahoma City Bomber Timothy McVeigh. That job then produced his long-standing friendship with Emmis Communications, owner of WIBC.

Greg was born in 1948, the son of a family doctor and his wife, a political science major, also from Indiana University. Dr. Garrison practiced general family medicine in Cumberland, Indiana for forty years, delivering babies, setting fractures, sewing up lacerations, and otherwise tending his flock of hundreds of Hancock and Marion County families, before retiring in the early 80s. Strong Christians and stalwart family folks, the Garrisons raised Greg and brother Chris (still his law partner after all these years!) in the traditions and teachings of the Bible, the Constitution, and the bedrock principles of conservative politics. Both the boysí parents are alive and well, and Grandpa still tends to the medical needs of his ten grandchildren and his growing brood of great grandchildren.

The Garrisons live in suburban Hamilton County, raise horses and Hereford cattle with Gregís cousin, Dr. David Poer, Gregís closest friend for over 55 years. Matter of fact, the young man responsible for the construction and operation of this web site is Patrick Poer, one of Davidís sons; you can read Patís occasional column on consumer computer matters, The Nerdery, and concerns right here on GregGarrison.com. Wife Phyllis is an attorney, specializing in health law. Phyllis will also post columns on health law, addressing matters of relevance to everyone on that ever growing and ever-more complicated subject. She is an accomplished rider, scholar and the true boss at the Garrison place, as anyone who ever visits will quickly attest. She is Gregís first and best editor.

Along with brother Christopher, Greg practices law at Garrison & Kiefer, with offices in Castleton, on the north side of Indianapolis. Their practices focuses on litigation, personal injury, and commercial matters, as well as domestic relations, collections and probate. Partner Michael A. Kiefer is also a Brigadier General in the Indiana National Guard, an accomplishment of which the whole family is very proud. General Kiefer is heavily involved in the ongoing work of the Guard at Camp Atterbury, where thousands of American Troops are processed before embarking on service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thatís the short course on Greg and company; hope you enjoy the site and will offer your thoughts on content, format and such. Let us know at GregGarrison.com.



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